DoctorNow is currently offering
Expedited PCR COVID-19 Tests.

  • Results available in 2 hours
  • PPO, HMO, Kaiser Accepted
  • No Government Insurance
    (such as Medicare & Medi-Cal)

Call NOW. Limited tests available.



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Roche Cobas 8800
The Roche Cobas 8800 is one of the best pieces of labratory equipment when it comes to real-time COVID-19 PCR testing. The Roceh Cobas 8800 assures the higest quality of testing that is delivered quickly. This assures accurate results fast.

Roche Cobas 6800
DoctorNow utilizes one of the most accurate Covid-19 PCR tests approved by the FDA, which minimizes instances of false positives and false negatives. We are one of the few independent labs running the Roche Cobas Testing platform.

Gene Xpert
We have multiple Gene Xpert Xpress IV instruments, which provide PCR results in less than 2 hours. This has proven to be an extremely valuable test for individuals needing quick and accurate results due to special circumstances,

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